It contains natural tea tree oil. Due to its unique properties, tea tree oil kills germs and leaves its effect on the last layer of the skin. The antibacterial ingredients in Soothing Lotion soothe the skin. Useful in case of skin burns. Protects skin after threading and hair removal. Controls any kind of reaction after waxing or bleaching.



7 reviews for Aqua Soothing Lotion 500 ML

  1. ayesha akbar

    best soothing lotion

  2. Robina Aslam

    Soothing lotion i have use it
    It becomes my skin smooth and shiny

  3. Faria Malik

    Nice packaging and best results forever must try it

  4. Saman Butt

    highly recommended

  5. Nisha bilal

    Best Results i used it. It soothes and protects your skin.

  6. Aima Jutt

    Restores skin’s natural moisture balance. Non-sticky and easily absorbed by skin

  7. noreen

    nice soothing lotion with amazing working

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Aqua Soothing Lotion 500 ML

(7 customer reviews)