A mineral compound that naturally has the ability to keep our skin growing and cleansing. But the grime in the air and the substandard make-up damage our skin. Daily and thorough cleansing of the skin can open the closed pores of the skin and reduce the excess oil on the skin which causes pimples. ۔ This mineral cleanser is suitable for all skin types and gently cleanses the skin. Its mineral formula brightens the skin.



7 reviews for Aqua Triple Action Cleanser 500 ML

  1. Mafia Shaheen

    I Gentle enough to use as part of my morning and evening routine

  2. Laviza Kousar

    People with oily and acne-prone skin should clean their face at least twice a day with a triple action cleanser, for clean and radiant skin.

  3. Madiha Kanwal

    Best Cleanser i used it and my skin becomes moisturize and protect my skin

  4. kanwal bano

    Best Cleanser

  5. Laila Batool

    nice results and nice pakaging

  6. Maria Malik

    Best Result

  7. Zoonisha

    Whitening cleanser best hai hum isko daily b use kr skty hai

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Aqua Triple Action Cleanser 500 ML

(7 customer reviews)